Parent comment

29th November 2022
I love seeing all the photos of my boy having fun on your Facebook page. Thanks for making him so happy.

Best pre school ever

20th October 2022
Nothing but 5 starts for this amazing pre school. My son loves coming here.

Parent comment

22nd July 2022
Brendan has loved his time with you all just as Daisy did. You are all amazing and next years kids are lucky to have you all and will have much fun as this years kids. Thanks for all you have done for Brendan, Albi and all the other kids. XX

Parent comment

22nd July 2022
I can't thank you all enough for the support and love you put into teaching Leo. You all made his journey so easy and he's come on leaps and bounds. I'm gutted he's leaving you all. X

Parent comment

22nd July 2022
Thank you all so so much for everything you have done for Albi. I'm so appreciative of every single one of you. He loves you all so much, thank you.

What a year it's been!

23rd October 2020
Well after what seems the longest year ever, I can honestly say that I can not fault Smarties at all. Through all the challenges they continued to be the best. Times are still a challenge but Luca has still absolutely loved seeing you all each day. Keep being amazing. I will be sad when he has to finally leave you guys.

Positive message for everyone

18th May 2020
Thank you all very much for all the support you have given me and my boy during these difficult COVID time. I know it hasn't been easy for you all but you have continued to stay positive and care for everyone not just my son. A huge well done to you all. X

The best start possible

18th June 2018
To Jane, Laura and all the girls at nursery. Thank you all for being so wonderful with the children. Isla has been with you for nearly 2 years and she has loved every minute of it and she has made some lovely friends. Thank you al so much for helping her grow in everything she does. I would recommend Smarties to anyone. Love Sam.

Parent comment

28th July 2017
To all the staff at Westwood Smarties. Thank you all so so much for everything you have done for my little girl. You have all been there when I needed you and you didn't have to be. I know she has had the most amazing time with you and we are all sad to she her leave.

Parent comment

21st July 2017
To all of the wonderful staff at Westwood Smarties.
Thanks to each and everyone of you for nurturing and loving our little boy. We are so sad that he has to leave and he will miss you all terribly.
All the very best wishes for you all and the nursery. Lots of love, Debbie, David and Noah. X

Parent comment

13th July 2017
We've laughed and played, and learnt a lot. I hope you will forget me not. Thank you for helping me grow. Love from Hollie.

Amazing nursery

19th June 2017
Jane and Laura, thank you so much for everything you have done for Ella. You both have been so flexible with times and the nursery wouldn't be as amazing if it wasn't for you both. Thank you.

Parent Review

13th May 2016
Ezme loves it! she has come on leaps and bounds at smarties. All the team are great with her! Especially when it comes to her extra care needs I have no worries she's always being looked after to a high standard. I was nervous about her going to nursery and giving other people responsibility with her meds but I loose no sleep atall and it didn't take long for them to understand considering they hadn't worked with her condition before. They bend over backwards looking after the kids and I'll be sad to see her leave in July but bump will be going when she's two xx haha

The Best Playgroup

13th May 2016
By far the best playgroup that my children have ever been to! Both my children love it here and they've come on in leaps and bounds since being here. I honestly could not fault it x

Amazing Pre-school.

13th May 2016
Fantastic pre school. Cameron had an amazing time and the staff were really good with him. Since Elliott has started he has come on so much. Really progressed well with his reading and number work. I will be sad to see Elliott leave in July, he's loving his time at Smarties. I don't know what Elliott will do without seeing you everyday Ange, and all his other girlfriends!!
Thanks everyone.

Great Nursery

30th December 2014
Just a quick note that my little girl has been at smarties for a year now and loves it the staff are great caring and helpful with the children they learn well and keep u updated with issues with ur child and the children that go are great children who all play together the opening times and closing times could do with stretching bit longer for a little extra cost

Thank You Note From Parent

21st September 2014
To everyone at Westwood Smarties,
How do I begin to thank each and everyone of you for the care and attention you have given to Grace over the past 2 years.
This is her last day with you today before she begins her journey with Holy Cross Nursery in September.
She came to you as a little 2 year old who referred to herself as a "baba", and leaves you as a happy, confident, chatty child of nearly 4 year old.
Nothing was ever too much trouble for any of you. It's been such a pleasure to bring her each morning and I can honestly say, "I will miss you all".
Hopefully when Olivia (Graces new sister) is old enough to attend, I will see you all again. I wish you all happiness for the future and would never hesitate to recommended Westwood Smarties to anyone.
It truly is a wonderful playgroup with wonderful staff.
Love from, Margaret Hamblett
(Graces nana) X

Thank You Note From Parent

21st September 2014
To all of the staff at Smarties
Thank you to all of the staff at Smarties. Elissa has enjoyed the past year with you all and will miss you all dearly it is amazing how muchness Elissa has come on in the past year you all have done a fantastic job thank you all so much Everything.
Lots of love
Elissa & Fauve

Thank You Note From Parent

21st September 2014
To "The Smarties Gang"
Thank you so much for all the care, support and affection you have shown my little boy.
I was extremely nervous about leaving my son at pre‐school, but you made it easy with your professionalism, knowledge and the bond you created with him.
I am truly grateful for you help in filling my earliest memories with fun, friends, laughter and learning ‐ just the way it should be!!
We will leave Smarties with very happy and fond memories. A place where Louis looked forward to coming everyday and where I could go to work knowing he was in very capable (extremely patient) hands.
I could not recommend you highly enough to other parents, Louis has developed greatly under you care and he loves you all.
Once again, thank you and wishing you all the very best for the future.
From Andrew, Laura & Louis

Parent Comment

24th November 2013
We would like to thank you and all the staff at Westwood Smarties for the great effort you have put into working with Kai. We have noticed great improvement mainly in his speech and all other areas that makes a child fit in with others and adults in the community.
Again, thank you all.

Parents of Kai (Elsie & Norman)

Parent Comment

24th November 2013
To staff and everyone involved with Smarties Nursery.

Thank you all for the dedication and reassurance you have offered George throughout the term enabling to continue in confidence and happiness he expresses when collecting George each day.

Thank you so much.
Georges Grandparents

Thank You Note From Parent & Child

24th November 2013
Thank you for teaching me to paint,
For teaching me to play,
For teaching me that nursery is good.
And a big thank you for my mum to have some quiet.

Parent Comment

28th March 2013
We would like to thank you and all the staff at Westwood Smarties Nursery for the time Hari has spent with you. We decided to send him to nursery in order to help get him ready for school hoping that he would become more independent and confident when he was away from us. In the short time Hari has been with you we have seen a huge change in him and I am no-longer panicking about how he will cope at school.

Hari has loved his time at the nursery and is excited to go every day. He loves the wide variety of activities you offer especially as so much of it seems to be tailored to things he enjoys and is interested in.

We would especially like to thank Claire and Laura for making him feel so secure at nursery as this is the first time he has been away from home and he has had severe separation anxiety in the past when he has been away from us even for very short times. We would happily recommend your nursery to others and will be sending our younger son when he is old enough.

Thank you again
Miss Sonja Singer & Dr Bhaskar Basu

Work Experience Walkden High School

1st March 2013
Work experience 4th to 8th February 2013

I would like to thank you for being involved in our work experience programme this year.
The pupils have had the opportunity to write a report on their experiences and in general the feedback has been extremly positive and most pleasing.

It is evident from the reports that you have made every effort to make the placement a worthwhile, enjoyable and stimulating experience.

Once again thank you for you time and continued support. It is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerly,
Raising Aspirations, Attainment And Careers Director

Parent Comment

26th February 2013
What a wonderful nursery we found when we logged on and found "Westwood Smarties". I fetch my grandchild for 4 mornings a week and it is a pleasure to leave her here. I find everybody so helpful and welcoming and such a lovely environment for any child. I would definately recommend this nursery to friends and family. I have researched several in the Eccles area and this is truly value for money and love and care. Continue with all your hard work.

Margaret Hambiett