It is best to send children dressed in clothes which are easily washed so they are free to explore and experiment along with simple clothing they can handle themselves to encourage independence
Please do not send children in expensive clothing as during their time at pre-school they may get them dirty or stained and we do not want to upset anyone by their child's clothes being ruined. While we do our best to ensure that children wear protective aprons some children forget or do not like wearing them
We encourage parents to purchase Westwood Smarties t-shirts for their children as these promote a sense of belonging to the group as well as helping with the wear and tear of their good clothes. Information about obtaining these t-shirts and prices will be given to parents at their child's visit.
Please could all parents send a complete set of spare clothes for their child in a named bag. This should be left at the pre-school. This bag will need to consist of 2 tops, 2 trousers/bottoms, 2 pairs of socks and several pairs of underwear. If your child is in the process of toilet training then we ask that you provide many extra pairs of underwear, pants and socks.
Our children wear slippers or slipper socks while indoors and we ask parents to provide a pair which can be left at pre-school.