9:20am to 1:20pm is £13.00 per session
9:20am to 2:45pm is £18.25 per session
(See the Snacks And Lunches section for dinner money fees)

Fees will continue to be payable if a child is absent. For cases of prolonged absence, sickness or holidays then a retainer may be available once consulted with management
When children have not attended for two weeks without notifying or contacting the pre-school then your child's place may no longer be available
If parents do not keep up with payments their child's place at the pre-school may be affected
When a child becomes three years of age the pre-school will receive NEG (nursery education grant) funding for that child. This will come into effect the term after the child's third birthday and means that your child will automatically receive a free place of 15 hours per week at the pre-school at this time. More details will be given regarding your child's eligibility at the time of your child's visit